The Psychology of Conquering Nations – and the Relationship to Motivation & Success in Business

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How understanding the Psychology and Motivation of Conquering Nations helps us Succeed in Business – by Arthur Carmazzi

In this video, Arthur Carmazzi is in Sudan at a fort from the 1950’s where the People of Omdurman defended themselves against Ethiopian, Egyptian and British invaders. But why? Why do people send armies and navies to conquer other countries and how is that relevant to our personal motivation and success today.

Arthur Carmazzi shares the specific “Emotional Drivers” (according to the Directive Communication Psychology Motivation Model), that will drive us to succeed and conquer our barriers to success or becoming the person we want to become.

The Emotional Drive for Achievement – to finish something, completion… but not necessarily in a big way, this could be as simple as checking you Email… “Haa, finally finished checking my mail, I have completed this task”… but when we focus on small things we waste time on the small things that take away from our bigger goals.

But when combined with the Emotional Drive for Significance, the need to be recognized, to stand out, we focus on bigger things, our time is directed to achieving the things that create a BIG impact.

Motivation is directed as “Ambition” and we are motivated to do greater things…

Watch Arthur Carmazzi in the short video as he explains the psychology of conquering and its relationship to the psychology of success.

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