Leadership Journey Begins – 3 Avatars that Lead by Arthur Carmazzi

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Which of the 3 Leadership Avatars is in charge? All get results, but only one achieves objectives through leadership

By Arthur Carmazzi

As leaders, and those on the leadership path… often we look at those around us and see how they react poorly to situations, it is easy to see Jack (the lizard) in others, especially when they are reacting to something we are doing… and Mary The Observer comes is a synch to spot after something goes wrong or when you are expecting people to be “proactive”.

But the biggest challenge in leadership is not the knowledge that we are indeed The Hero, the Villain, and the Observer… it is the control over which one is ruling us.

This leadership comic “The Hero’s Way” is created as part of a manual in our Hero’s Way Leadership Development courses. And… I would like to share some of these with you to give a few insights here and there…

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