Agents of Change with Arthur Carmazzi: Living Up to Your True Identity is The Key For The Ultimate Happiness

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During my courses, I always find a way to talk tête-à-tête to my students to help them out with their personal issues, problems or concerns. Very often these deep conversations turn into a life-changing experience for both of us. They become happier whereas I have a good feeling of bringing my values to the world and fulfilling my purpose to help others to find their True Identity, Their Inner Selves.

Here is one of those stories…

We have an unlimited potential for happiness, but as we start to grow we start to make decisions based on the challenges from our environment. However, our environment is constantly changing, so you never have any consistency and we’re making decisions based on something that happened maybe once or maybe twice, but may never ever happen again and you making decisions about how to be or the way you should approach things and unfortunately that takes us away from our real True Identity and takes us away from the potential to have that ultimate happiness we are all allowed to have.

Watch this video to listen to the story of one very independent lady who realized how to find her inner self and become a happy, caring, loving and giving individual and get promotion at work.

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