Where in our Brain Do We Interpret and Process Information and Get Clarity – with Arthur Carmazzi

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In this episode of WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN, Arthur Carmazzi explains the parts of the brain that deal with Ambiguity Relief.

Understanding this fundamental element of brain process psychology will support in building better teams, improving relationships, improve communication and affect your ability to influence others. #wheresyourbrain

Prefrontal Cortex:

This part of the brain is responsible for planning, inhibition of behaviors, abstract thinking emotion, and problem-solving

prefrontal cortex Head Only

Cingulate Cortex:

The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) has connections to both the emotional limbic system and the cognitive prefrontal cortex. It has an important role in the integration of neuronal circuitry for affect regulation. The cingulate cortex is divided into 2 regions (posterior and anterior) with the ACC being active in cognition.

cingulate cortex Head Only


This part of the brain is associated with learning and memory. Almost all serotonin receptor subtypes are expressed in hippocampus which implicates an intricate modulating system.

hippocampus Head Only


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