Using Colored Brain to hire the right people by Arthur Carmazzi

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No matter your industry, recruiting and hiring top talent is probably one of your top concerns. The success of your organization depends on the people who run it everyday. So you only want the most highly skilled people working for you, right?

Maybe wrong. No matter your company or product, you have a brand that you want to present to the world. And your employees are your best brand ambassadors. Companies spend enormous amounts of time and energy searching for specific skills in potential job candidates. But sometimes they forget to hire workers who are also compatible with their company culture and brand.

So how can you find employees with the best fit for your company? Not with a newspaper ad. Finding good workers through traditional, old-school recruitment is getting harder and harder. Companies should be using newer networks and finding workers where they spend their time. Like Facebook!

Social media opens doors for recruiters to find applicants who are both qualified and congruent. For example, Facebook advertising can help you identify candidates who are already geographically, motivationally, and attitude-wise in line with your culture, your company, and you as their leader. Most of your work is already done!

Make sure your recruitment isn’t just searching for narrow skills within a narrow audience. Broaden your scope using the most cutting edge tools available, in particular social media. Soon enough, the people you hire will be perfect matches for both the position you’re offering plus your company as a whole. They’re sure to become your brand’s best champions.

The following video will explain you more about how to using Colored Brain to hire the right people in your business. Also see Benefits of CBCI™ Communication Profiling to Your Organizational Development

(please forgive the video quality, I made it in a bit of a rush!)

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