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Finding and Keeping Perfect Fit Employees

It’s hard to get people to work together, but Colored Brain will help you put together teams that win. Soon your employees will be your company’s biggest fan. It all starts with a little magic during the hiring process…

Only bring in the best!

 Hiring the right people is hard to do. Sometimes it’s difficult to know who is the best match with your company. We find that frustrated hiring managers fail to match the needs of the position with the profile of the right person.

We’ve found that hiring managers can use Colored Brain to identify ‘perfect fit’ employees. They start with using Colored Brain during the advertising process. Knowing what Colored Brain profile is best for the position helps managers design advertising that will reach the right candidate.

For example, say you want to hire someone for a research position. The right person for the job will be detail-oriented and capable of consuming large amounts of information. In other words, a Purple-Brained person. You can attract Purple-Brained people by providing lots of details in the job post, since they are likely to read the entire description very closely.

On the other hand, for a position that needs a Green-Brained person, the headlines you use should appeal to their profile. They will scan postings quickly for the main idea, so the headline must get their attention and key information must stand out through bullet points or pictures.

Attracting the right brain profiles to the right positions will bring ‘perfect fit’ employees. They will be satisfied with their work, which improves your bottom line. When they love their job, they also love your company. Your employees will be your biggest fans!

Mix ‘em up!

Teams are dynamic mixes of people. Every employee has their own way of processing information. Motivation is also different from person to person. Colored Brain profiles can give you more information about your employees’ informational processing and motivators.

Employees naturally want to grow and succeed. They will respond to a work environment which caters to their personal drivers. After you identify your employees’ specific Colored Brain profiles, you can design their tasks to maximize their potential and bring them satisfaction.

Someone’s Colored Brain profile says a lot about what motivates them. If you use Colored Brain, employees will start to improve on their own and take initiative in the workplace. When things need to be done, they won’t wait for instruction – and your life just got a whole lot easier.

It’s not enough to say, “Hey you, — be creative!” Rather, creativity and initiative require a nurturing environment. You can cultivate your employees by catering their work to what they find naturally satisfying, according to their Colored Brain profile. That’s the best way to a happy workforce and more productive company.

With time, employees will become personally successful in the process of achieving your business’ objectives. When that happens, everybody wins!

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