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This is one of the topics that drastically improved sales for us and other small businesses and we will be talking about in more depth on the Colored Brain Control marketing webinar. The idea behind color segmenting is that different customers with different colors are making buying decisions in very specific ways.

Personally being green, even though I had been teaching colored brain for a while, I discovered that most of my messages, ads, and emails were all green… this left out the majority of the potential customers… then I started applying what I was teaching about team, to marketing… and results transformed.

…but this is not just about talking to red brained people in a red way… each color has a sequence for buying, and identifying these sequences specifically for buying decisions in whatever industry you are in, will help you to craft the right type of marketing system.

For example in the Training / Development and Consulting Industry, getting a Green Brain to buy training and consulting services, we could offer a sample training or a display of results they can see in THEIR organization, will usually have a positive result. This will require constant follow up though, not just a few times and figure they are not interested. Because Greens have so much going on, they need the consistent reinforcement that needs to hit them at the right time.

Best time to catch a green brain is Monday morning before their brain starts racing around solving all the issues that are thrown at them. By the afternoon, green brains have already made lots of decisions and you and your idea will get lost.

When showing past results and correlating them with any potential result for the organization, use graphics and show the portion of the graphic they fit into and how that affects the big picture objects.

All brain colors will respond to questions that create clarity about how your product or service will help them achieve their desired results. But Green Brains specifically will be responsive to questions that help them imagine the bigger end result. This is achieved by 3 steps questions with smaller immediate results, larger effect of the result and the effects of those to the bigger objectives.

And while you may think that is easy GIVE away free training… The rest of the colors are not that easily convinced…

For Example, Red Brains need to see the results in advance, to them a free training may be a waste of time and recourses… but the other colors can be discussed in the next blog post so stay tuned!


Arthur Carmazzi


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